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What Kind of Things Can You Get for a Silent Auction?

We're doing a silent auction this year at the tournament.  What sorts of things can you get for an auction and where do you go to get them?

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Sports memorabilia is always good, especially golf stuff.  The bidding can get kind of crazy one some of this stuff. You can often get sports figures to donate signed items by contacting their manager or agent.  One year we had a Troy Aikmann football, Pro-golfer Nick Faldo autographed a golf ball and Arnold Palmer autographed a photograph and even sent it already framed.  We contacted Troy through his children's foundation and that made it much easier to get stuff from him.


Surprisingly, the Arnold Palmer photo did the best, netting over $300.

Weirdest thing I ever got was a set of post hole diggers from a local hardware store.  Just about couldn't give them away.  I think we got $10.....


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