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Try this one:  Make a deal with a local photographer to make pictures of all the teams (posed and a few action shots for each one).  If he gets in a golf cart and runs the course backwards, he'll save himself time and be in in plenty of time.

Then he sets up at checkout with a printer and computer display screen and as the teams come in he shows them pictures, gives them a free one if that's part of the deal and they are allowed to buy the action shots or team photos.  The photographer gives you a cut of the proceeds. 

With todays printers, there's no waste.  The photographer simply prints up whatever they want, slips it in an envelope and they hand him their money.  One guy I saw could make T-shirts with team photos and the tournament logo on them right there at the desk. 

It's a nice little side income and if your photographer is good with action shots, those can be really popular!  Also, digital copies of the photos should go to the tournament committee. These can be used in advertising for next year or a nice video like the one from the George Brancaccio Foundation one I just uploaded to the video page.  Always get lots of pictures you can use next year.  A telephoto lens and a volunteer photographer can get you all the visuals you need.  Some video can even be done with a simple hand-held and then pieced together into a nice video in time in no time flat.

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Didn't find the video you mentioned.  Do you suggest sending a tournament video to all the players with a thank you note?  Isn't that kinda expensive?



The video was misplaced in the move.  When I find it, I'll post it on the video page.  If the video is made for free by one of your volunteers, you just have to copy it onto a DVD and you're good to go.  Raises the postage cost just a bit and the blank DVDs run 25¢ to 50¢.  So it's not an expensive thank you gift AND you can always sell a sponsorship for the DVDs.  Just put his logo on the DVD and on the video itself.  As for enough to cover all the costs.

Talk to a local DVD editing and production place about doing it as a sponsor with a little self-promotion vid at the end.  It's a win-win for you and the sponsor.


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