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How to Get My Book

My  publisher for "Going for the Green: How to Raise Money With Charity Golf" was bought out by a Canadian company. Not sure when it will be available again. We're talking about doing a new one called "Secrets of the Six-Figure Golf Tournament."

Till then, you can buy a copy of Going for the Green directly from me for $20 shipping included. I've got about 20 copies left.  Drop me a note in my inbox and I'll hook you up.

Tom King

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Bogus Member Requests

I've been bombarded with member requests that come from largely Asian URL's. Not sure what the Chinese are up to, but I deleted everything since September 8 in the way of member requests.

If I deleted a genuine request, and you know about it tell them to try again. I'll try to make sure I get the real ones.


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Do NOT forget the Hole-in-One Insurance! A Cautionary Tale

Somebody dropped the ball and failed to get the hole-in-one insurance BEFORE they offered the prize. Now the tournament committee, the golf course and the car dealer look like cheapskates. My bet? This tournament is history. - Tom

Tournament Stiffs Hole-in-One Prize Winner

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New Links for Downloadable Tournament Worksheets and Sample Docs

I finally gave up trying to post a link on my author page and posted the sample signup sheet, budget worksheet and other sample documents on Box instead. You can find them here by clicking on the link:

Budget worksheet:

Volunteer Registration:…


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"Have a Ball" Charity Tournament Ramps Up!

Bob Hammer's "Have a Ball" Charity Golf Tournament benefiting cancer research is poised to set new six figure records for the tournament. 

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Downloadable Worksheets

Finally got my website up and have a stable place to put the downloads for volunteer signup, player signup, budget and such.  Will add some more as I move forward on new golf tournament projects.  Go to and click on the "golf downloads" link and you'll go right to the download page.


Good luck with your tournaments.


Added by Tom King on October 7, 2012 at 9:35am — 1 Comment Indicted for "Scam"

Online Charity Golf Insurer,, faces five felony counts of selling insurance without a license after a Seattle area investigation and sting in which several local charities cooperated with police.  King County prosecutors claim Hole-In-One founder, Keven Kolenda, 54,failed to pay prizes when several Seattle-area golfers connected on hole-in-ones insured by the company. 

Prosecutor, Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler, says Kolenda has been "on the…


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Downloadable File Samples

The sample spreadsheets and text files from the old library page are at:

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Back to Basics

I've been out of the saddle for several months now with a family health issue and a long bout with a string of very large kidney stones. In the meantime, Ning has reduced its features, adding a monthly price tag to the features we used to get included with the website. For now we're going to work on getting some participation on the forums and add the library archive and some of the other features we had before. In the meantime, we'll be looking for a sponsor or two to pay for the upgraded…


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Rearranging Things

After looking at the CGN main page for a couple of months, we've decided to make it more useful, we need to move the forum to the top, since that's the most useful part of the site for now. Our next step will be to trim the headings in case having too many is confusing to everybody. We may start with a single subject and run any posts through there. Then as we need new categories we'll add new ones.

Drop a note in the next few weeks on any forum category you'd like to keep. If you'd… Continue

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New Members

Welcome aboard to our new members, John, Joanne and Rachel. New things will be happening in the coming weeks. I'll be starting my second book on Charity Golf with an amazing tournament organizer who regularly makes six figure returns on his tournaments. You'll meet him soon. More on the book as things move forward. Meanwhile, the forum is awaiting your questions and comments and we're working on bringing aboard some good vendors who can help you git 'er done.

Tell your friends and… Continue

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New Friends and Big Move

Welcome new CGN members Nona Stavrakas and C Ballard. Sorry for the delay in approving the memberships, but I've been moving the last two days and have been in Internet limbo. Temporarily have a weak connection till they get my DSL up and working. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.......


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Welcome New Members

Welcome aboard to Lynn, Elizabeth, Don and Jessie - our latest new members of the Network. We look forward to sharing our trials and tribulations as charity golf organizers with you. Check out the forum. Start a discussion, we'll join in. You got questions? We got answers.

Lots of expertise here already and more to come.

Tom King

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Spam Fixed

I reset the privacy settings on the website. Now all new members must be approved before they can post stuff. I think I'll be able to toss out the riffraff before they can start posting Canadian pharmacy ads.

Tell you friends about Charity Golf Network. The more members the merrier.


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Sorry about the Spam

We had some phony member signups yesterday and they posted spam blogs that filled up the blog box. I suspended the members for spamming our website and am looking at some sort of verification process for new members.

Got it fixed for now, though.


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Welcome New Members

Welcome to all our new members. Please pass along our website to your friends and to other members of your charity tournament committee. We're here to help you get your tournament going. Be sure and check out the forums and groups for answers about specific issues and helpful discussions of challenges you face in cranking up your charity golf tournament.

See you around the Network.


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New Resources

Check the library downloads page. We've added some handy Excel spreadsheet versions of sample registration forms for golfers, sponsors and volunteers, plus the infamous Go/No Go test to help you decide if a charity golf tournament is right for you.

I hope these are helpful. If you have something you'd like to add to the library, sample worksheets, forms or articles, e-mail them to me at If you want to send videos of your tournament or still… Continue

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Has your group met for next season's tournament yet?

Remember, most golf tournament sponsors pay for their sponsorships out of their advertising rather than their charitable donations budgets. Only a percentage of charitable donations are deductible. All of an advertising purchase is deductible, so it makes more sense to pay for golf sponsorships out of the ad budget. The majority of American businesses operate with a fiscal year that begins in January. It simplifies tax accounting that way. So this time of year, most businesses are working on… Continue

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The Domain Name Works!

Our domain name works now. Just type in the address bar and you'll come right here to this website. As soon as we can find a site sponsor, we'll be taking down the old Google ads (which don't help our cause) and we will replace them with our own sponsors.

Advertising for this website will be purposeful. We'll look for tournament supply vendors that are among the best in the country. I'll be doing reviews of software and services, consultants… Continue

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Still setting up the site. Now Ning wants a monthly check to allow me to forward my domain name here. Anyway, to make the site work properly, do this:

Scroll up above the header and click on the link that says "click here to go to the original site." and it will take you to the ning address and the site will work properly.

Thanks for your patience while we get this site working… Continue

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