Charity Golf Network

Your source for information about hosting a charity golf tournament.


Click on the "Communications" tab and select one of our handy communication tools
Click on the Communications Tab for links to all sorts of nifty tools for communicating with your fellow Networkers.  We've got a chat box where you can type back and forth and actually copy and paste things you discuss into your own documents to save if you want to.  I usually keep a blank Word document open to snag good ideas for future revisions of my book.

There's also our Ovoo chat room where
you can get several folks together for a
face to face chat. That's lots of fun. 
We also have our forum, blog pages, News
Notes and groups organized by interest.
Find your communication style and hook up.
It's a great way to find advice and comfort
when you're struggling to get a charity tournament
off the ground.

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